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Jeesh, y'all.  Thirty days is really a whole lotta days.  This meme just goes on and on.  It's like Celine Dion's heart.  

And before I start, can I just say how simultaneously excited and disappointed I was with the Veronica Mars's performance in FMM.  I totally didn't think she'd get that far.  She took out Kurt Hummel, y'all.  He's a juggernaut.  But nothing my girl couldn't handle.  And then... only to lose such a hard-fought race.  So sad.  Vote Troy.  Because life has no meaning for me now that Veronica and Buffy are out.  Troy is my last shining light of hope.  

Okay.  Three more days.

Canon that I would take out?  I'm gonna go with Angel coming back in Chosen.  Yeah, yeah.  Deus ex machina--he brought the amulet; they'd have lost without him.  Pish posh.  We coulda got that amulet in there somehow.  We didn't need it to ride in on white steed.  I'm fine with accepting the makeout session as a regression into a convenient fantasy when things are getting too real with Spike and also too stressful with the battle.  My issue is--Buffy didn't need to have the option of that regression makeout session.  Just take it off the table. 

Something I'd add to canon? I'd like to have seen more of Dawn and Spike in both season 6 and season 7.  Especially season 7--it would've been nice to see some of the healing process there.  

Sexiest scene?   Dur.  Smashed, obviously.  

That scene.  hominah hominah hominah.  It leaves me speechless.  

And, yet, I'm going to start rambling. Because I want to address exactly why I think this is the sexiest scene of ALL THE SCENES.  And it boils down to this: This scene is about characters.  It's not about bodies.  

And for some reason that makes me think of a line in a Leonard Cohen song that I've always thought was incredibly hot as well.  It goes, "There's a voice that sounds like God to me declaring, declaring, declaring that your body's really really  really you." (Actually, that song, Closing Time, applies to this scene in several ways.)

This scene is about the articulation of what's occurring on the interior of Buffy and Spike--the external articulation of the interior life.  It's about them breaking down walls.  It's about each of them being shaken to their foundations by  a connection to each other.  And it is unbelievably hot--that unity of body and... soul.  

Not to get all cheesy--but it's a scene that's very much about yin and yang--complimentary contradictions. Again and again we have these ideas or techniques used that are contradictory, but blend seamlessly: 

-The chaos and destruction of the house collapsing vs. the chorale, almost hymn-like, ethereal music. Like a choir of angels singing as the walls of Jericho fell. Destruction and higher purpose at once.

-The clear sound of the zipper vs. the silence of the cracking and crumbling walls--the destruction doesn't exist to them; all that exists at that moment is unity--finding their way toward each other.  Those are the sounds that they can hear, the ones that lead them to each other.  

-The explicitness of their movements (the hand reaching down to unzip, Buffy hoisting herself up, the... um... moving vs. them both being fully clothed--again because it's not about bodies.  It's about connection, not skin. The explicitness that we get, therefore, is in service of furthering the connection.

-The desperation and hate and desire vs. the awe and pain and comfortblissoblivion on both their faces. I don't think I've ever seen a sex scene that so powerfully communicated what was happening on a character-development level as well as being unbelievably hot.

And I love it.  I love that this scene is like a big neon arrow pointing at this ship.  If you hear a choir of angels when your body connects with someone, generally, that's a sign of something significant.  When you tear a building down through physical connection with someone, that's a sign of something significant.  This scene, and the storytelling techniques implemented by the show are at least 70% of the reason that I have no doubt that Buffy was indeed in love with Spike in season 6.  I know it's controversial.  But there ya go.  Look at the look on her face when their bodies connect--it's not just Spike that is overcome with awe.  Also: CHOIR OF ANGELS, PEOPLE.  Come on.   


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