Feb. 2nd, 2011

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Day three is supposed to be on my least favorite character. And this was a tough one. A little while ago, it probably would’ve been Xander. Because of his mansplaining in Into the Woods and slut shaming in… well, too many episodes to count, really. But. I’ve sort of had a Come to Jesus moment with Xander (in this scenario, Xander is not Jesus. I don’t know who is—but it isn’t Xander). I’m still not crazy about him, but my seething hatred has dissipated.

Willow was another contender—mainly for her baby talk. Snuggly wuggly? Smoochies? Ugh. I can’t stand baby talk. Not to mention the “Baby” talk with Tara—them calling each other “Baby” and “Sweetie” all the time. Gag me. But that hardly seems like grounds to award her the Least Favorite Character title.

I realize that everyone is going to think that I’m a total freak and that no one in the entire world feels the way I do about this character, but whatever. I’m a lone wolf. A renegade. I follow the beat of my own drum and all that.

So, without further ado, the Least Favorite Character title goes to…
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Apparently we're having rolling blackouts all over the state--and the power in my office keeps going out!  So I got sent home--where there's power! And Internet! And cupcakes!  

This may be the greatest day ever.  


Well, it is now.  It was far less great when I was standing in my pitch black office, trying to find my car keys because I'd put them somewhere on my desk, but couldn't see where.  And there was a brief period of panic when I thought I might have dropped them somewhere in the darkened hall, and now had no way to find them.  And my office phone didn't work--because, duh, no power--and (like an idiot) I had left my cell phone at home--so I couldn't even call my boyfriend and demand that he pick me up immediately and take me home so that I could find my spare key.  Oh, anxiety attacks.  Old friends.  So glad you could stop by this morning. 

My freak out looked something like this, only without the car, because I couldn't get into my stupid car:


But then I found my keys, came home, made biscuits and bacon and am going to take a nap.  And maybe watch Veronica Mars.  Or an episode or two of Buffy.  Or maybe I'll start BSG finally.  The world is my oyster.  

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This was another difficult choice. I kept thinking of an episode that I love—and then I’d start to write up an explanation of why it’s the GREATEST EPISODE EVAR, and then suddenly I’d remember another episode. And I was like, D’oh. I think I like that episode more than the other one.

Yeah… repeat these steps about four times, and you have an idea of the evolution of this post.

So, I made a little list of the runners up, because I think they deserve some recognition as well.

You were fighting as a soldier on their side )


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