Feb. 12th, 2011

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I don't know if I've mentioned this about myself, but I'm impetuous.  To a fault.  Maybe impetuousness is always considered a fault? Well, mine is like a super fault, then.  The San Andreas fault. 

I think I must've fallen and hit my head or something (but I don't remember it). Because I bought a new laptop. It's shiny and new.  

Another sign that I've lost my mind or suffered some sort of head trauma: I bought a paid LJ membership.  And an icon package.  Now, typically, I wouldn't say that's an indication of my oncoming dementia, but if you consider that I have icons that I never use even out of my "free package" selection of 15, it seems a little irrational to buy more, doesn't it?  Somehow, I managed to convince myself that it was the limited scope of the 15 icons that was preventing me from using them to their best effect.  

And last.  I bought ALL of the Buffy Season 8 comics on amazon yesterday.  So, they'll be here soon.  I'm excited. But, the problem is that I haven't yet returned the wrong comics that I bought (I mistakenly bought the Omnibus).  I was supposed to return those first.  But I didn't. Because I'm the least responsible person in the world.  

And frankly, I'm seriously considering buying some clothes from ModCloth.  So.  I think I'm on a shopping jag.  

Anyway! Enough about my foolhardy spending habits. Let's humor my desire to stick to this imaginary schedule, and talk about memes and stuff. 
Day 10: Something I liked that fandom didn't )

Day 11: Somthing I hate that fandom loves )
Day 12: Least favorite season )


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