Feb. 25th, 2011

blackfrancine: (BtVS: Buffy gets drunk with local vampir)
I went home for lunch today, and spontaneously decided that I wanted to eat lunch without any pants on.  So, I did. 

And I was sitting there in my business-casual top, complete with my office name badge/access card hanging around my neck, and no pants, stuffing my face with salad, when my boyfriend came home. 

He was only mildly surprised to find me in that state--arugula hanging out of my mouth and half-clad in the middle of the day. 

Later, I--still pantless, by the way--blurted out, "I don't want to go back to my office; it's boring there." 

The whole lunchtime incident has made me wonder if I'm ever going to grow up.  Probably not, I'm thinking.  Because if it hasn't happened yet, then what are the odds? What?  I'm suddenly just going to wake up one day and be filled to the brim with purpose and think that my worth as a human is in indirect relation to the thickness of the layer of dust on my furniture? Or I'm going to give a shit that my tire pressure is too low?  Or I'm going to start reading Benjamin Franklin biographies instead of pr0ny vampire-show fanfic? That just doesn't sound likely.  

I'm back at work now, wearing pants.  And bored out of my skull. 


Also, I had a dream a few nights ago that my doctor was stalking me and my family. It was elaborate and somewhat vampire-related--his stalking method.  When I told the bf about the dream, he said it sounded like an episode of Vampire Diaries.  And I was all--"You know what?! It WAS like that."  And then I slowly realized that my doctor looks like Elijah. 

The End. 

How are you guys? Is anybody as bored as I am?  Probably not.  I think I win the blue ribbon in boredom.  YAY for me! I'm a winner.  

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