Jul. 16th, 2011 10:48 pm
blackfrancine: (BtVS: Ben Is Glory?)
 So, I have some vidding questions.  And some of these aren't technical--so don't stop reading yet.

1. This is sort of technical.  My DVDs are all bootlegs--is this gonna be an issue for me? Will ripping them go the same and the quality be mostly the same?  The tutorials I've read don't really give me any clue on what to expect.

2.  Not technical.  Can anyone think of episodes where we see Xander working--esp. in season 4?  There's Pangs (with the digging), Restless (driving the ice cream truck), and Beer Bad (bartending).  But I feel like there should be an episode or two with him in a fast food uniform.  Am I imagining that?  

3. I'm really curious as to people's process for getting clips.  Not the technical part--but what drives which clips you grab?  Do you try to stick to a limited amount of source material (ie, do you mine a few episodes or 1 season) or do just grab from the whole enchilada? I realize that a lot of this has to do with the content of the vid--but, assuming the content is neutral, not confined to a certain time period, and you're just looking for fight scenes or eye rolling scenes or something.  What's your method?  Also, is there some sort of resource for this sort of thing?  I feel like I could really use a list of shrug scenes and eyeroll scenes and dancing scenes etc.  That would be a long list, I guess. 

4.  I feel like there was another technical question, but I don't remember it, so I'm just putting this here because my list looked a little anemic.  


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