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Okay, you guys.  Here we go!  Recommendation day is here at last!  My main way of participating in fandom has been to consume the amazing work created by others more talented than myself.  So, I'm really excited to have an excuse to talk about some of my  favorite works and maybe introduce some of y'all to one or two new fics or vids.

But there's a lot here.  Especially in the vid section, as you can see.  So, you might want to stretch and get some water--I don't want anyone pulling a muscle or getting dehydrated trying to marathon all the awesome that's about to come flying at your head.  

FYI--This post is going be my html masterpiece if even half of the embeds and links work.  It took me all day.


My fic interests are INCREDIBLY narrow.  I almost exclusively read Spuffy fic.  And I have a very, very strong preference for post-series Spuffy reunion fic.  Which might be boring to some people--but whatevs.  I never tire of it when it's done well. 

A lot of what is listed here is fun, post-series Spuffy. But some is angsty. Some isn't post-series. And some isn't Spuffy. Hell. Some isn't even BtVS (because you can't tie me down with your rules, MAN). But it's all wonderful.

This list doesn't even begin to be a comprehensive list of the fics I love. Not even close. This was just off the top of my head--and I was trying to leave off the fics that most people are probably already familiar with.

I should probably also mention that I'm clearly a masochist--because I have a habit of falling in love with abandoned or slowly-updated WIPs. Hopefully this doesn't bother you.

Look Who’s Stalking by [ profile] buffyprof aka candysayz at ffn (where she tends to update more frequently) --WIP
Guys.  This fic.  It might be the most perfect thing ever written.  I ask you, f-list: Are you concerned with Buffyverse gender issues?  Are you concerned with Buffyverse race issues?  Do you enjoy hilarity brought to you by the overlord of a stable of wiley Vengeance Demons?  Do you enjoy pitch-perfect Buffy and Spike voices?  Clever plotting?  Witty repartee? All arching over the aching beauty of the Buffy/Spike love story? Well, this is the fic for you.  

Seriously--PLEASE read this.  Read it and, if you like it, leave the lovely author a comment.  Because while she's working on it still, and fully intends to finish it, she's putting it off because she doesn't think anyone likes it.  So, please.  Do it for me (Do it for the CHILDRENNNNN!).  So that this amazing and underappreciated writer will finish what is without a doubt one of my favorite fics ever.  Thank you.  That will conclude the begging portion of this post. 

Good Feelings by candysayz WIP
By the same writer as Look Who's Stalking--this fic has absolutely nothing to do with BtVS.  It's a Breakfast Club fic.  But it's amazing and delightful in every way.  So if you love the Breakfast Club, give this a shot.  She's regularly updating this one. NC-17-ish.  (The NC-17 chapters are actually isolated into a separate fic--so you can read an R version or an NC-17 version.  Both versions are HAWT).

Thought You Should Know by [ profile] angearia  WIP
If you don't know that I love this fic, then we probably have just met.  Because I talk about it all the time. I love it so, so much. Most people are probably familiar with it--but I love it too much to not rec it anyway.  Re-read it, dang it.  Post-series, Season 8-ish.  Best Buffy and Spike voices around. Most in-character expressions of emotion between Buffy and Spike ever.  Also twisty and plotty and full of hilarity and angst. 

Unqualified Applicant Need Not Apply by [ profile] angearia
Not Spuffy!  Post-Chosen spell short fic on Slayer-ness and beauty expectations in the media. 

All the Things That Are Lost by Lady Kate WIP, probably abandoned
Post series Spuffy.  Angsty, wonderful interdimensional-traveling Spuffy reunion.  

His Majesty, the Bug Queen by [ profile] angearia
Post season 8 hilarity. Only vaguely Spuffy-ish. Short fic. It is perfection in fic form.

Slayer Mask by [ profile] angearia
Not Spuffy! Drabble, Buffy's dark side.  

The Peanut Butter Incident by [ profile] angearia
Not Spuffy!  Not even BtVS!  This is an adorable 30 Rock fic Emmie wrote.  If you watch 30 Rock, read this.  It's glorious.

Ars Poetica by [ profile] penny_lane_42
Amazing Spuffy overview.  Spans entire series and goes post-series. Beautiful, poetic, optimistic. 

by [ profile] penny_lane_42
Post series Spuffy reunion.  Angst, sweetness, great characterization.

Pen Pals
by treacle_antlers
Post series? I can't remember when this takes place.  But it's a short, funny, and achingly melancholy shot of correspondence between Spike and Angel.

Where Pies Go When They Die by [ profile] ghostyouknow27
Post Series Spuffy just how I like it--a la mode. With wackiness and emotion and a little tinge of darkness. [And yes, I edited this just so I could insert that "a la mode"/pie joke.]  

For Good by [ profile] biggrstaffbunch  WIP, abandoned
Post Series Spuffy reunion. This is just a lovely, different take on a Spuffy reunion.  It's filled to the brim with witty dialogue--and has some of the best Buffy/Dawn interactions I've read in any fic. 

Strangers by [ profile] lusciousxander
Season 8-ish Spuffy. Love this.  I was skeptical because I don't like baby fic.  And I'm not that into the idea of Buffy/Xander (which this has a little bit of).  But this fic.  It's plotty and wonderful and has incredibly convincing characterization.  Also has probably my all-time favorite OC.  

Marking Time by [ profile] annapurna_2 WIP, updating relatively regularly--should be complete soon
Post series, plotty Spuffy reunion. Interdimensional travel with angst and a S/B/A triangle. 

Mortgage Crisis by [ profile] annapurna_2
Season 6-ish.  Randy and Joan buy a house!  Adorable!

Tell Her This by by [ profile] eowyn315
Post series Spuffy reunion.  One of the most convincing scenarios around-- and with wonderful voices. Sweet, funny, angsty.  Just plain good.  

For your convenience, I have organized the vids according to character or pairing.  If you find something you like, consider following the links and telling the lovely artists how great they are.  

Also, I tried to put a note of "SEASON 7" for Season 7-heavy vids--because [ profile] eilowyn and [ profile] gabrielleabelle were discussing season 7 vids last week, and I promised some.


I Just Wanna Live by [ profile] shoopdancer
Fun look at the high school years.

Destiny Calling by [ profile] diff3rent_light
Ats and Btvs: Big damn heroes!

Take me to the hospital by [ profile] charmax
Fun vid that looks at how hazardous Sunnydale is to your health.


by [ profile] obsessive24
THIS VID IS AMAZING.  Meta on the feminist message of BtVS.


The Gift by [ profile] bisclaveret
password for the vid = thechosenone
Wonderful vid that examines the sacrifice it takes to be a slayer.

The Ones Who Stand by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
Beautiful look at the relationships between the core characters and how those relationships get them through. 


I Don't Dance by SemiCharmedMike
AMAZINGLY crafted, fun dance video featuring BtVS and AtS. Note how all the clips of dancing/moving are exactly in time to the music.  Very well done. 


Oh My God by [ profile] thedothatgirl
One of my new favorites.  A look at what everyone goes through in Season 6. Really well crafted, and gives a balanced, compassionate examination of the season. 


Mortal Kombat by [ profile] bradcpu
BEST EVER.  Cracky, hilarious vid.  Just pure silliness.  But it's really artfully-made, clever crack.  


Creep by [ profile] bradcpu
Has to be downloaded--but... You must. Watch. This.  An examination of Spike and Faith's view of Buffy which compares their perspectives to Buffy's own experience.  Masterful.  

Man or Animal by [ profile] bradcpu password=heartattack

Men are lusty beasts.  Fun, energetic vid about boys and their urges. Like all of bradcpu's vids, this is so well done, it'll blow your mind. 

Not Enough by michaelvm92
Angsty look at the Scoobies. 


Crawl by MarisaMovies
Another angsty look at the Scoobies.  It made me cry.  


Fix You by Michaelvm92
Even more angsty Scoobies


This Is Our Town by michaelvm92
Kick ass Scoobies. Nice overview of the series--drama and action married quite nicely.  


Suburbia by [ profile] dualbunny
(SEASON 7) A look at seasons 1 and 7--bookends of BtVS.

 by [ profile] charmax
Fun, upbeat vid.  

Rest of Our Lives  by [ profile] diff3rent_light
SEASON 7.  Energetic, warm look at season 7, especially Chosen.

Brick by Brick by [ profile] thedothatgirl
SEASON 7.  Look at how Buffy kicks ass in Season 7, especially in Chosen. 



No Longer Feels Like Home by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
Unbelievably insightful and compassionate examination of Buffy's depression in season 6 and how she fights back against it. Easily one of my favorite vids ever.  


It’s Not by [ profile] stormwreath
Buffy’s POV during Season 6. Angsty!

Someone Like Me
 by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
Beautiful Buffy POV vid.  It gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. 



Bullet with Butterfly Wings by [ profile] bradcpu
password for the vid= cannotbesaved
High-energy look at Spike's nihilism and his battle to live life as he chooses. 


Champion Song by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
WATCH THIS NAO.  I can just rewatch this character study of Spike over and over.  It's so fun and sexy, and yet still insightful.  Love. 

Spike (Gimme More) by [ profile] darlapr0duction

Hot Spike is hot.  This vid is like potato chips--I cannot watch it just once.  So fun.  

US of Spike by [ profile] sdwolfpup
Punk Spike.  Hilarious, cleverly-assembled vid. 


Plowed by [ profile] sdwolfpup
More Spike. 

Black, Black Heart by [ profile] dualbunny
Spike's relationship with his coat.

Still Breathing by [ profile] charmax 
Amazing.  Love this.  Wonderful look at Spike's struggle toward redemption and independence.  


Other character-specific vids

Anya-Stand Still, Look Pretty by tonya1980
Anya character study.  A loving, sensitive look at Anya's journey. 


Faith-Living Dead Girl by [ profile] bradcpu
Faith. In all her messy, complicated glory.


Wes/Lilah-We'll Never Know by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
God.  I cried.  Such a beautiful look at this complicated ship.

Anya-New Soul by michaelvm92
Adorable, peppy look at Anya's silliness. 


Spike/Angel-Awfully Different by [ profile] thedothatgirl
Fun look at the two souled vampires.

Ben/Glory -Brothers and Sisters by [ profile] obsessive24
Character study of Ben/Glory (subtly juxtaposed with Buffy/Dawn)


Spangel-Your Woman by [ profile] charmax
Spangel isn't exactly my thing--but the craftsmanship on this vid is incredible.  Great story vid about these two. 



Everything Will Break by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
Touching Spuffy.


If You Can Reach Me
by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
An examination of how Buffy's relationships with Angel and Spike compare.  Beautiful.


Just a Dream
by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
May be my favorite Spuffy vid of all time.  Comprehensive, moving look at the ship, with season 7 shown lovingly from Buffy's POV.  

Untouchable by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
Season 6 Spuffy.  Sniffle. 

Halo/Great Love/Because I Care by [ profile] darlapr0duction
This is 3 vids.  Halo is a music vid about Spuffy from Buffy's POV, Great Love and Because I Care are relationship studies.  They're all touching and beautifully done. 


Hello by [ profile] thedothatgirl
Funny look at Season 5 Spuffy.

Disappearing World by [ profile] nvrbnkisst
One of my faves!  Shortish vid on Spuffy, with a concentration on the PARTNERSHIP and equality that exists between these two.  Optimistic and beautiful.


Effigy by [ profile] effulgent_girl
Haunting, ethereal Spuffy. 


Say When by [ profile] shoopdancer
Spuffy from Spike's POV.  


Must Get Out by [ profile] dualbunny
Spuffy, a little sad/angsty.

Sorry by [ profile] dualbunny
HILARIOUS.  Fun look at Spuffy sort of from Spike's perspective.  I legit LOL at a certain moment every time.   

Hot chick by [ profile] ladyofthelog
SEASON 7--Silly season 7 vid. I love the juxtaposition of the Spuffiness with the unsentimental song choice.

Multifandom, including Buffy

My Medea by [ profile] yunitsa
Examination of patriarchy in BtVS, Dollhouse, and Firefly. (This is light on the BtVS, but it's an incredible vid.)


This Is the Picture by [ profile] obsessive24
password for the vid=therewillbeblood
Examination of Whedon shows. Visually magnificent. 


One Girl Revolution by [ profile] arefadedaway
I love this vid so hard.  I actually watch it when I need to lift my mood.  It fills my heart with pure, liquid joy.  A look at all the amazing ladies of the fictional world.  


Enjoy Being a Girl by [ profile] absolutedestiny
Buffy, Kara Thrace, Veronica Mars, and Sydney Bristow.  They're just into girly things--like saving the world from unspeakable evil. 

ETA:  I just added a couple things that I had accidentally left out of my first posting.  But, I've certainly not included every great vid and certainly not fic.  So,  if you want to make a recommendation, please feel free!  It's all about celebrating these wonderful, creative folks!
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