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Hi, you guys! First, let me start off by saying thank you again for all the sweet birthday messages. It sounds corny, maybe, but they really did make my day so much better. Cut for my sappy-ness and for AtS thoughts )
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Good gravy, it's been quiet around here lately.  I'm at work right now, and I'm so bored that I'm trying to think of something--anything--to post about. 

So, I guess I'll just yak about my rewatching thoughts, even though they're not really cohesive at all.  But, seriously, how often are any of my thoughts cohesive?  So, I suppose that shouldn't stop me. 

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Buffy, AYW thoughts )
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Let's talk about some serious bidness, folks. Like I mentioned, I've been rewatching BtVS and I just started AtS as well.  And I have feelings aplenty. 

Here's my Buffy/Angel rewatch thoughts, in no particular order:

1. SMG is the most adorable human being in the history of the universe.  

2.  Cave Buffy is the most adorable iteration of adorable SMG in the universe. 

3. "Gutterface" is my new favorite saying. 
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Okey dokey.  So, without realizing it, I've embarked on my third rewatch (or, almost--I skipped most of S1).  We'll see how far I get--but for now, let's assume my energy and attention span are eternal--vast as the ocean blue--and that I'm gonna get all the way through.  

Right now I'm about halfway through season 3.  And it's going swimmingly: I have both thoughts and feelings, which maybe I'll share if I can think of them, but right now I'm all tapped out.  But, I was thinking that I'd throw in AtS when I get S4--because I've always sort of wanted to watch the shows in tandem to see what new perspective it gives things.  

So that's what this post is about--what order should I watch the episodes in if I'm folding the series together?  Is it as simple as one Angel, one Buffy? Or is it one Buffy, one Angel?  A while back I found a really good blog entry that gave a slightly more specific order, so that crossover episodes lined up better, but I can't find it now.  

Does anyone have any thoughts on this very important matter?  
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I think that it sort of draws a parallel with Ted/his wives and Angel/Darla-Buffy.  

There's clearly a parallel between Angel and Ted in general--they both are lurking in Buffy's room, looking at her stuff when she sneaks in through the window; they're both the monstrous, older (neither of whom seem nearly as old as they are) boyfriend.  And Angel sort of makes a case for Ted--encouraging Buffy to give him a chance despite her misgivings, her distrust of Ted's perfection.  And there's a weird boyfriend/daddy conflation going on--where Ted refers to himself as "daddy" to Joyce, treats Buffy like a father would immediately after meeting her, but Angel is similarly counseling not as a friend or boyfriend, but as an elder with wisdom--as a parent.  

But, when Ted's true nature and past relationships are revealed, they bare an eerie resemblance to Angel's:  The main relationship of Angel's life was, of course, Darla.  But, like Ted's wife, Darla left Angel--rejected him.  And he, in turn, destroyed her.  But then, like Ted, he pursued a woman who fit Darla's bill to a T--petite, blond, saucy. Angel recreates his mate with Buffy, then, just as he did with Darla, he destroys her.  Or tries to.   

Xander perhaps says it best:

So, I'm Ted, the sickly loser. I'm dying and my wife dumps me.
I build a better Ted. He brings her back, holds her hostage in his
bunker'o'love until she dies. And then he keeps bringing her back, over
and over. Now, now that's creepy on a level I hardly knew existed.
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Okay, folks. I finished AtS season 4. And I don’t know what to say as a preamble, here. So I’m just gonna start blurting out my feelings.

Feelings... Whoa, whoa, whoa... feelings.  )
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It’s time to assess. I’m about a quarter (or maybe a third?) of the way through AtS season 3, and I need help. Help me think thoughts! Talking with [ profile] ohwaluvusbab has led me to these conclusions (most of which are about season 2, and part of which I’m just cutting and pasting here because I’m LAZY):

Rambling under the cut because I am verbose )


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