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 So, inspired by [ profile] ghostyouknow27 's recent post, I started thinking about why I think fic is important.  

Confession: I’m a recovering snob. Music. Movies. Grammar—jeez, grammar. I had to enroll in a 12-step program to recover from my grammar snobbery. But most of all, I am—at my core—a literary snob. I don’t know when it started. Middle school maybe? But for years and years I’ve scoffed at genre fiction, at best sellers, at Oprah’s Book Club labels*. And where I knew it existed, I scoffed at fan fiction. So, I’m here to genuflect before you all. Throw fruit at me—I can take it. I want to be punished for my past snobbery. Because you know that saying I refer to in the title of this post—that a willing convert is more Catholic than the pope? Well. That’s me with fan fiction.

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BUFFY: Your job is to kill the slayer. But all you can do is follow me around making moon eyes.
SPIKE: I'm in love with you.
BUFFY: (still advancing) You're in love with pain. Admit it. (Spike gets up) You like me ... because you enjoy getting beat down.

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So, no!  I didn't give up on the 30 Days of Buffy meme!  I finally got my software all sorted out and my computer firing on all cylinders. And I've spent the last 3 days working on the picspam that is hiding below the cut. Oooh. Suspenseful.  

Now, my Photoshopping skills are what you might generously call rudimentary. But this, you guys, is my Mona Lisa. My Sistine Chapel. My... Still Life with Woodpecker?

Anyway. It came out almost how I wanted it to. So, I'm pleased.  So without further ado, I give you Day 13: My favorite character arc.  

Day 13: Favorite Character Arc )
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Day 6 is my favorite couple, and I’m not even going to play the fake-you-out game where I pretend like my favorite pairing is Xander/Cordelia or Willow/Kennedy, because we all know what I’m going to pick.

So brace yourself, f-list and assorted other readers. Because you’re about to be punched in the face with the full force of my shipping fury.

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Woot! The boyfriend is out of town for the weekend, so guess what that means… It means I get to be totally hedonistic—and do whatever I want and no one will distract me with their questions, like “Hey, are you hungry, should we go get lunch?” or “Have you seen this awesome clip of a corgi jumping into a lake in slow mo?” Just me and AtS and other fannish Internetting things for a whole 2 days. Well, that and I’m gonna have to paint the base boards in the living room—-BUT! I can put Angel on while I paint. I am a deluxe multi-tasker!

But first, before I throw myself headlong into my weekend of hedonism and isolation, I have to share with you the Spuffy revelation that was just… uh… revealed to me. I was reading some older entries in [ profile] molly_may ’s journal today while I was at work (and should have been working--not so much a multi-tasker at the office). And a few months ago she posted this most excellent poll with bonus picspams!

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Disclaimer: I’ve never read any of the Twilight books or the Southern Vampire (True Blood) books. So, all of my opinions are based only on the movies and TV show respectively. Well, and things I’ve picked up from others who’ve read the books.

Any number of parallels can be drawn between these three franchises (and most of those parallels serve to highlight the exceptional craftsmanship with which BtVS was made—but that’s neither here nor there).
Spoilers for Sunday’s True Blood below the cut.

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I’m re-watching BtVS right now.  And I haven’t gotten to season 6 yet (so my feelings about what’s written here may be subject to change), but I’ve been listening to Rilo Kiley, and it sort of inspired me to write down these thoughts--which are really apropos of nothing.

Let me start out by saying that maybe the best description of depression that I’ve ever come across is the song “Better Son/Daughter” by the aforementioned band, Rilo Kiley.

Part of what makes this song such a perfect description/illustration of depression is how it includes what I like to call the Guilt/Optimism ouroboros.


Fun depression talk ahoy! )


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