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Hi, you guys! First, let me start off by saying thank you again for all the sweet birthday messages. It sounds corny, maybe, but they really did make my day so much better. Cut for my sappy-ness and for AtS thoughts )
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So, I made a list of songs--I guess you could say they're my favorite songs. I don't know. But what I do know is that these are the songs that I find it physically difficult to skip. Like, if they come on, and I wanted to find a different song, I might reach for the button to skip past these songs--but I just can't push it. Something in me HAS to listen to them all the way through. Like, I'll regret it if I skip past it. Like, my soul needs that song on some level.  And for the record, yeah, I realize that this probably dates me--I think there's 4 songs from the last decade?  Yeesh.  I'm old.

List!  )


Jul. 16th, 2011 10:48 pm
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 So, I have some vidding questions.  And some of these aren't technical--so don't stop reading yet.

1. This is sort of technical.  My DVDs are all bootlegs--is this gonna be an issue for me? Will ripping them go the same and the quality be mostly the same?  The tutorials I've read don't really give me any clue on what to expect.

2.  Not technical.  Can anyone think of episodes where we see Xander working--esp. in season 4?  There's Pangs (with the digging), Restless (driving the ice cream truck), and Beer Bad (bartending).  But I feel like there should be an episode or two with him in a fast food uniform.  Am I imagining that?  

3. I'm really curious as to people's process for getting clips.  Not the technical part--but what drives which clips you grab?  Do you try to stick to a limited amount of source material (ie, do you mine a few episodes or 1 season) or do just grab from the whole enchilada? I realize that a lot of this has to do with the content of the vid--but, assuming the content is neutral, not confined to a certain time period, and you're just looking for fight scenes or eye rolling scenes or something.  What's your method?  Also, is there some sort of resource for this sort of thing?  I feel like I could really use a list of shrug scenes and eyeroll scenes and dancing scenes etc.  That would be a long list, I guess. 

4.  I feel like there was another technical question, but I don't remember it, so I'm just putting this here because my list looked a little anemic.  
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Okay, you guys, I don't have a twitter account--but I know many of y'all are less curmudgeonly than I am.  So, do this!  Emmie says to!  And it's for Jane.  Come on.  You love Jane, don't you?  How could you not? 


If there's one universal truth about the Buffyverse, if there's one rallying cry that unites us, it's our massive love for Jane Espenson.  So fandom, it's time to come together and show the love! ♥



How?  Easy.  If you have a Twitter account, join all her fans in celebrating the amazing and spectacular existence of this woman.  Jane loves Twitter and we love her, so here's how to get this party rollin':
  • Post tweets about Jane Espenson's superhuman qualities!  (Think Chuck Norris.  You know how we do what we do.  Get it, get it.)
  • Remember to use the #JaneBDay hashtag.
  • Her name in the Tweet should appear as @JaneEspenson
  • Try to avoid starting with @JaneEspenson, or only she or her followers will see it.

Tweet the Jane love.  Spread the word.  Have a beautiful day.
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 Okay, about 3 minutes ago I was driving home from work, and I was struck out of nowhere with the thought that Buffy and Spike were seeking to destroy themselves with their love/attraction to each other.  

This is touched on in FFL--"You're a little bit in love with Death... and one of these days, I'm gonna slip in there."  And then, of course, he does.  He represents peace and death and completion for Buffy, and on a really bad day for her ("You came back wrong")--he slips in there, and gets her to admit that she does desire death. 
But that's all about Buffy's death wish. WHAT OF SPIKE'S DEATH WISH, HUH?  It's dismissed in Smashed that he, Slayer of Slayers, is in love with the girl who represents death for him--"Vampire, remember? I'm supposed to be treading on the dark side.  What's your excuse?" --and sort of played off as incompetence or softness on his part--"All you can do is follow me around making moon eyes."  But it's so much more than that.  He's in love with his own destruction AT LEAST as much as Buffy is with hers. As William, he willingly walked right into his death, then as William the Bloody, he asked Angelus if he didn't ever want to fight a fight he didn't know he could win. He WANTED the uncertainty--he wanted the chance--just the chance--to die. And as Spike, of course--of course--he loves the one girl in all the world who can destroy him.  And he feeds off it.  He knows he's crawling after her, seeking his own bit of oblivion, his own demolition. She's the sun and he just wants to bask in her--flames and vampire dust be damned. The danger, the certainty that she'll destroy him (either that or he'll destroy her) is always there--and it only eggs him on.  He wants his death so bad that he can taste it.  And, the poet in him wants his death to come from love.  From loving.  

Funny that, in SR, when he realizes that he did in fact hurt Buffy, as he was sure he'd never really do--funny that he goes and seeks his soul.  He finds a way to not hurt her.  He finds a way to make sure that it's his death, his destruction--not hers--that will come from it all.  He destroys himself because he wants to, and also because he doesn't want to destroy her. <3

Anyway.  Beautiful symmetry those two have.  

Second thing.  I got Final Cut Express today!  I'm so excited and terrified.  And I'm having a bizarre flood of vid-inspiration (vidspiration?) all circling around They Might Be Giants songs.  Weird, huh?  Anyway.  If anyone knows of some good tutorial sites especially for Final Cut, I would be eternally grateful.   
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I saw Marina and the Diamonds on Craig Ferguson’s show several months back. That was my first exposure to them. And, honestly, I really didn’t fall in love: I thought the 80s throwback style was just a little over the top for me. So when I started hearing her name thrown around more often, I kind of dismissed it. I thought I knew that I wasn’t impressed and that I didn’t want to hear any more. I had nothing against her. Just… not all that curious. But, then all these people who love the same music I love said that they loved Marina. So, I finally got my mitts on some of her music yesterday, and I basically have been listening to it ever since.

And… I’ve been looking up interviews with her and watching music videos and videos of live performances and looking at pictures of her. I’m, in a word, obsessed.

We've got obsessions. )
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 This is going to be my third time to try and post this (I saved it in Word first this time. Yay). So, let’s hope that the third time is the charm.

Way back in November, [ profile] penny_lane_42 made a list of her fiction kinks and squicks. I believe she had gotten the idea from [ profile] snickfic (whose list is here). And it's been really slow at my job (and on LJ) this week, so I decided to make a list like that for myself. Several items on my list were either inspired by or stolen from my lovely predecessors.

Long list with less than ideal formatting. )
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 I am no longer going to type entries straight into LJ.  Unless they're like this entry and are super short.  

Because I've now typed the same damn, LONG entry in, only to have half of it deleted when I post it--two times in a row.  I meant to copy it into a Word doc the second time, but I forgot.  


I'm irritated. 
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Good gravy, it's been quiet around here lately.  I'm at work right now, and I'm so bored that I'm trying to think of something--anything--to post about. 

So, I guess I'll just yak about my rewatching thoughts, even though they're not really cohesive at all.  But, seriously, how often are any of my thoughts cohesive?  So, I suppose that shouldn't stop me. 

AtS thoughts )
Buffy, AYW thoughts )
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I don't actually even know about that.  I haven't really watched enough BSG to know if I'm a cylon or not (But soon!  Soon I will know!). 
Anyway.  I watch TV  and then I have thoughts.  And sometimes I write the thoughts down here.   That's how this goes.  
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Stealing from [ profile] ever_neutral-- Name a couple (or two, or whatever, there ain't no meme police) and I will tell you the exact moment I started shipping them. Or stopped.

Okay! Hit me!  I'm stuck at work with only sporadic work to do.  And I've already got a couple of answers in the barrel. 
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 So, I’m still slowly rewatching BtVS and AtS, and right now I’m at the beginning of seasons 5 and 2. Before I get too much further along, I wanted to address a couple of things. Primarily, Riley.

I have feelings about sex scenes )
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I'm so glad I'm home just in time to wish you a happy birthday!  Because I love you.  I love you so much that I want to marry you and have twenty of your children.... and name every one of our children Buffy!  

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Seriously.  Best movie ever.  And this is coming from someone who's a little burned out on Kristen Wiig. 

Melissa McCarthy=My new celebrity BFF.  

This has been a movie review/public service announcement. 

Now, talk to me you guys.  I had a somewhat crappy day.  I just realized that I'm absurdly broke--like "debit card rejected at Target" broke.  And I have to go to Chicago on Thursday.  I get paid on Friday, so I'll be fine--but seriously.  My debit card was rejected at Target. That hasn't happened since... I don't even know.  The nineties, maybe.  

Cheer me up.  I will strip tease for you if you cheer me up.  Yes.  I'm that easy.


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Robin Scherbatsky,

You should know, everywhere I go
You're always on my mind,
in my heart In my soul

You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me sayin'
No one needs you more than I need you


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OR, alternatively, you can have a sexy dance: 

Choose wisely.
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My boyfriend is gonna get to hear Barack Obama speak tomorrow at a fundraising thing--because his friend got him press credentials!  Isn't that awesome?!  

Presently, we're coming up with scenarios that will result in the bf and BO becoming BFFs.  So far, I think it will come down to them talking about basketball.  Or maybe running into each other in the men's room.  I may soon need suggestions for how to charm the pants off Michelle Obama, so she and I can be BFFs too.   
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 So, inspired by [ profile] ghostyouknow27 's recent post, I started thinking about why I think fic is important.  

Confession: I’m a recovering snob. Music. Movies. Grammar—jeez, grammar. I had to enroll in a 12-step program to recover from my grammar snobbery. But most of all, I am—at my core—a literary snob. I don’t know when it started. Middle school maybe? But for years and years I’ve scoffed at genre fiction, at best sellers, at Oprah’s Book Club labels*. And where I knew it existed, I scoffed at fan fiction. So, I’m here to genuflect before you all. Throw fruit at me—I can take it. I want to be punished for my past snobbery. Because you know that saying I refer to in the title of this post—that a willing convert is more Catholic than the pope? Well. That’s me with fan fiction.

Warning: I'm feeling overwrought and longwinded today )
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Let's talk about some serious bidness, folks. Like I mentioned, I've been rewatching BtVS and I just started AtS as well.  And I have feelings aplenty. 

Here's my Buffy/Angel rewatch thoughts, in no particular order:

1. SMG is the most adorable human being in the history of the universe.  

2.  Cave Buffy is the most adorable iteration of adorable SMG in the universe. 

3. "Gutterface" is my new favorite saying. 
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Okey dokey.  So, without realizing it, I've embarked on my third rewatch (or, almost--I skipped most of S1).  We'll see how far I get--but for now, let's assume my energy and attention span are eternal--vast as the ocean blue--and that I'm gonna get all the way through.  

Right now I'm about halfway through season 3.  And it's going swimmingly: I have both thoughts and feelings, which maybe I'll share if I can think of them, but right now I'm all tapped out.  But, I was thinking that I'd throw in AtS when I get S4--because I've always sort of wanted to watch the shows in tandem to see what new perspective it gives things.  

So that's what this post is about--what order should I watch the episodes in if I'm folding the series together?  Is it as simple as one Angel, one Buffy? Or is it one Buffy, one Angel?  A while back I found a really good blog entry that gave a slightly more specific order, so that crossover episodes lined up better, but I can't find it now.  

Does anyone have any thoughts on this very important matter?  
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I think that it sort of draws a parallel with Ted/his wives and Angel/Darla-Buffy.  

There's clearly a parallel between Angel and Ted in general--they both are lurking in Buffy's room, looking at her stuff when she sneaks in through the window; they're both the monstrous, older (neither of whom seem nearly as old as they are) boyfriend.  And Angel sort of makes a case for Ted--encouraging Buffy to give him a chance despite her misgivings, her distrust of Ted's perfection.  And there's a weird boyfriend/daddy conflation going on--where Ted refers to himself as "daddy" to Joyce, treats Buffy like a father would immediately after meeting her, but Angel is similarly counseling not as a friend or boyfriend, but as an elder with wisdom--as a parent.  

But, when Ted's true nature and past relationships are revealed, they bare an eerie resemblance to Angel's:  The main relationship of Angel's life was, of course, Darla.  But, like Ted's wife, Darla left Angel--rejected him.  And he, in turn, destroyed her.  But then, like Ted, he pursued a woman who fit Darla's bill to a T--petite, blond, saucy. Angel recreates his mate with Buffy, then, just as he did with Darla, he destroys her.  Or tries to.   

Xander perhaps says it best:

So, I'm Ted, the sickly loser. I'm dying and my wife dumps me.
I build a better Ted. He brings her back, holds her hostage in his
bunker'o'love until she dies. And then he keeps bringing her back, over
and over. Now, now that's creepy on a level I hardly knew existed.
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I got this meme from [ profile] nvrbnkisst . She assigned me the letter L, so I have to come up with 5 songs I love that start with an L!  

Music is my boyfriend. )
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 I'm coming out of hiding briefly to wish the sweet, sweet victim of my stalker tendencies a super-ific birthday!  

Look!  I made you a thingy!

P.S. I heart you.

P.P.S. Tackle hug!

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Everybody go do this! It's a fic-a-thon hosted by the lovely and talented [ profile] eilowyn to send a little love in Dawn's direction.

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BUFFY: Your job is to kill the slayer. But all you can do is follow me around making moon eyes.
SPIKE: I'm in love with you.
BUFFY: (still advancing) You're in love with pain. Admit it. (Spike gets up) You like me ... because you enjoy getting beat down.

This isn't too long--but cut anyway. )
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Jeesh, y'all.  Thirty days is really a whole lotta days.  This meme just goes on and on.  It's like Celine Dion's heart.  

And before I start, can I just say how simultaneously excited and disappointed I was with the Veronica Mars's performance in FMM.  I totally didn't think she'd get that far.  She took out Kurt Hummel, y'all.  He's a juggernaut.  But nothing my girl couldn't handle.  And then... only to lose such a hard-fought race.  So sad.  Vote Troy.  Because life has no meaning for me now that Veronica and Buffy are out.  Troy is my last shining light of hope.  

Okay.  Three more days.
Day 26: Something in canon that I'd change )Day 27: Something that I'd add to canon )Day 28: Hottest scene )
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Okay, you guys.  Here we go!  Recommendation day is here at last!  My main way of participating in fandom has been to consume the amazing work created by others more talented than myself.  So, I'm really excited to have an excuse to talk about some of my  favorite works and maybe introduce some of y'all to one or two new fics or vids.

But there's a lot here.  Especially in the vid section, as you can see.  So, you might want to stretch and get some water--I don't want anyone pulling a muscle or getting dehydrated trying to marathon all the awesome that's about to come flying at your head.  

FYI--This post is going be my html masterpiece if even half of the embeds and links work.  It took me all day.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens )
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 So many wacky demons, so few memes with which to address their wackiness. But my pick for the wackiest (or maybe just plain weirdest) of all is... 

Day 23: Doublemeat is double sweet.  )

The character who should have gotten more screen time is... 

Day 24: Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.  )

In other news: EEEE.  I'm so excited.  Tomorrow is gonna be the rec-post day!  If it weren't already 2:00 AM, I'd spend the next 3 hours organizing my picks.  Woot. 
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 Okay.  So.  Sometimes I get to a really mature, intellectual place about Spike & Buffy--and even when I'm in that place, I'm full of flailing and squishy feelings.  But I get all excited over the ~literary-ness of it all.  The symbolism, the motifs, the mirrors, the coherence of the characterization.  

Right now, I'm not in that place. I'm in a place where all my feelings are gone and they have been replaced with SPUFFY. And not in a good way. Like in a painful, terrified way.  I was just watching some vids.  And all I can say is that I know now why I didn't read the comics for so long--why I kept thinking about reading them and then putting it off:  Because I think I will literally die if something really bad happens to this ship.  I just watched Winter Song by [ profile] darlapr0duction , which I had downloaded! and feel really lucky, since it's now been removed from public space.  And then I watched my new favorite (the vid isn't new, it's just new to being my favorite) by [ profile] nvrbnkisst , Diappearing World.

My gosh. I just love the sense of partnership and equality in that vid.

And then there's Halo by Darla Productions:

(This is really 3 vids all squished together. The first one is Halo.)

But. I think I'm going to shatter, you guys. I've also been watching other "Spuffy" vids--but they're a little more grim than these. They obviously think the relationship wasn't going to work. And I think they blame Buffy. They don't think she loved him. And for some reason, it's killing me.

Normally, I think I can be a mature consumer of media and accept what's given to me. Normally, I really like Chosen. But right now I want to break a lamp. Because I just want a fucking happy ending. I NEED a happy ending. I feel like something inside of me is going to split open if they don't get a happy ending. And--yes--I know. I know. Chosen IS a happy ending. Like I said, I normally feel that way. But right now, I just need Chosen without the death and with an exuberant makeout session.

I have no idea what my deal is tonight.
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I'm trying to make up for lost time! 2 days in one post!  

Man, Day 15 was difficult.  Not because I couldn't decide.  Just because thinking about these scenes kept making me cry.  Sadness ahoy!

Day 15: Saddest Scene )
Day 16: My Biggest WTF Moment )
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 Because I'm a rebel and because humor is perhaps my favorite thing about BtVS, I refuse to limit myself to one scene.  So.  Here are 3 of the funniest scenes I could think of. 

Oh, BUFFY. You slay me! )


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