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Good gravy, it's been quiet around here lately.  I'm at work right now, and I'm so bored that I'm trying to think of something--anything--to post about. 

So, I guess I'll just yak about my rewatching thoughts, even though they're not really cohesive at all.  But, seriously, how often are any of my thoughts cohesive?  So, I suppose that shouldn't stop me. 


Here's an opinion that will likely get me in trouble--I really don't like season 3 of AtS.  Oh my God, I'm so bored.  I find myself literally wandering off when it's on.  The C/A + baby parts especially bore me to tears--and I know everyone loves those.  So, clearly, I'm a monster.  And the Fred/Gunn parts aren't any better.  Wesley is the only character who even remotely holds my attention.  Well, him and Lorne.  My favorite line of this season so far, is when Lorne and Angel are trying to get Connor to stop crying and Lorne starts singing "Ooo Baby Baby"--but Connor keeps crying.  So Lorne says, "He doesn't like Smokey Robinson and the Miracles? I thought you said this kid had a soul."  Hahaha!  Oh, Lorne.  You slay me.

And can we please give credit where credit is due?  Cordelia gets all sorts of credit for being Connor's adoptive mom.  But Lorne spends WAY more time with Connor than Cordelia does.  Just sayin'.  And I'm still pissed off about how they all treat Lorne--blowing up his club and home and then acting put out when he shows up looking for a place to stay.  Never including him in any of their fun--but using him for whatever they need at the moment.

And, okay.  It may be creepy and rapey--but I do actually think the WITW scene between Angel and Cordelia is fairly hot.  I don't really like the way it starts--it seems forced and sort of out of the blue.  But... hot none the less. 

And interesting that Wes says he hit a psychic patch as well and knows what the cuckolded sorcerer feels--but he doesn't act on it at all.  Meanwhile, Angel and Cordelia fully act out their scene.  

But in general, Angel/Cordelia doesn't really work for me.  It feels forced.  Planned.  Like I'm supposed to want it--so, of course I don't (because you're not the boss of me, television!  Oh wait, you sort of are. But I still don't like C/A).  I think the training sessions in the basement are weird.  And they're supposed to be sort of sexy and intimate--but... I don't know.  They strike me as something Cordelia would do if she were trying to seduce Angel: put on tight clothing; hang out alone together in dim lighting; participate in close, physical activity; make subtly snarky/teasing/sexified remarks.  Rinse and repeat! 

And the fact that Fred and Lorne point out the supposed attraction between them (as kyrumption)?  Ugh.  It just seems so corny.  And kyrumption?  Really?  It's just so BORING.  Two great warriors recognizing each other's greatness.  I mean--it doesn't have to be boring (I think Buffy and Spike are two great warriors who recognize each other's greatness--but they have nothing to do with Destiny and Kyrumption and whatever).  But slapping a kyrumption label on C/A just seems convenient.  I just think the writing is weak, I guess.  Either that, or I'm not supposed to buy into the C/A romance at all.  I'm supposed to question the whole idea of a leading man being destined for a leading lady.  That they have to be ~special and ~suited for each other's greatness.   Unfortunately, I don't care enough to think about it too much.

Other than that, Holtz is annoying.  That stupid sinister, purring voice of his? And that stupid duster.  Why in the name of God would Justine tolerate the crap he gives her?  She has no reason to think that he is actually  going to help her get revenge.  He hasn't shared any of his plan with her--but she just sits there and lets him stick an ice pick through her hand?!  Seriously, Justine?  Seriously? Girl, you're a spitfire.  Get your shit together.


So, I guess that's enough of me deriding AtS. Onto Buffy. There will be less deriding in this section.

But, hey! Let's get the deriding out of the way--I watched AYW last night.  And, man, I still like very little about that episode. 

What I do like is:
1. The snap shot we get of Buffy's life at DMP and at home (not being able to enroll, dirty dishes piled up, missing the garbage truck, Dawn sweetly rejecting Buffy's attempt to take care of her by bringing home dinner).  Golly.  It just kills me.  I just want to do the dishes for Buffy and get her some OxyClean to get the grass stain out of her coat and put her to bed, so that when she wakes up, there'll be groceries and a clean house and a bubble bath drawn for her.  She just needs some TLC like nobody's business. 

But anyway.  I do love how hopeless that snapshot makes everything seem--The douchebag at work who insists on making her feel bad about herself.  The letter rejecting her college application because it was late.  Oh.  Crap. That part hurts my heart so much.  She hides it from Dawn.  *sob* She's so ashamed.  She's so broken.  And she doesn't want anyone to know how broken and ashamed she is.  

2. The Buffy/Spike parts. I know.  Shocking.  Christy likes Spuffy stuff. Who'd a thought?  But, no!  I actually have a coherent thought on this matter--so don't underestimate me just yet!  You know at the beginning, when they do it in the front lawn?  Well, Spike attempts to convince Buffy to have sex with him via a bawdy pun:  "Maybe it's time for you to come outside." 

The pun's not funny.  It's lame. Frankly, I think we've all come to expect more from Spike's wit than that.  And, quite rightly,  Buffy doesn't laugh--if anything, she may be a little creeped out.  I know I am.  But she gives in to the sexing regardless. 

Why I think this is significant is this--the thing that makes Buffy and Spike happen is their chemistry--their sizzle.  But here, the sizzle is leaving.  In DT and DMP and OAFA--there is SIZZLE between them.  They banter with and entertain each other.  They argue and get under each other's skin.  But, here, in AYW--there is no banter.  No fight.  Spike tries to banter, but it falls flat.  He tries again when Buffy comes to his crypt, asking if he loves and wants her.  But his (also stupid and creepy) "in point of fact..." receives a sound "Shut up" from Buffy.  She doesn't want to be reminded that the sizzle is dissipating. That the escape into Spike's arms, where she finds ~fire and ~feeling, isn't working as well.  The crushing monotony and drudgery of her life is overwhelming her ability to escape, and putting out their fire.

So, it's not just Riley coming back that causes Buffy to walk away from her relationship with Spike.  And it's not just about recovering.  It's also just about boredom.  It's about the fact that her coping mechanism isn't working any more.  

But, obviously, that's not to say that I think that Spike was just a coping mechanism for Buffy.  I don't.  But I think that's what she's telling herself at this point--so when it's not working anymore, she can't justify continuing with him.  

And yes.  There is the whole thing about Buffy using Spike and feeling guilty about it. Again--I think this is what she's telling herself.  I don't think she is using Spike.  I think it's easier to believe that she's using him than to realize that she cares about him.  

But whatever.

3. I also like Willow in this episode.  I like how she offers to hate Sam on Buffy's behalf.  And how right when Sam and Riley leave, Willow follows through--saying, "Bitch."  I just love that.  <3  Yay!  I love it when people want to protect my little Buffalo!  

However, what I don't like is this:

How grovel-y Xander is toward Riley.  Jeez, Xander.  Show some backbone, buddy.  I just hate how Riley gets off Scott free with EVERYONE.  Even Dawn, ultimately, because she forgives him. And Buffy forgives him.  And he gets to be all benevolent and generous toward Buffy--saying that it doesn't matter who's on top.  Well of course it doesn't matter NOW.  Now that you're on top, douche.  It sure as hell mattered when you were on bottom, though, didn't it?  It mattered so much that you went to vamp hookers and fled the continent in cover of darkness.  Blerg.

And whatever.  I hate Sam.  I hate people like Sam.  I know that makes me petty and awful.  But I really don't care.  She's just so ~perfect.  A Peace Corps worker! Who kicks ass without any super powers! And knows everything about everything! And has helpful tips for wedding receptions! I hate how she goes to Willow and just CONVENIENTLY knows 2 shamans who got addicted to magic and died.  Please. You are a filthy liar, Sam.  She's been doing the demon hunting ~1 year.  Maybe less-- because she says that her first fire fight was where she met Riley.  And in that time 2 people she's known have gone to the darkside?  We've been with the Sunnydale crowd for 6-ish years at this point--and Willow is the first person we ever hear of who's addicted.  Whatever.  Sam's just trying to curry favor, imo. 

And of course the whole "Doctor" thing is just insane.  I'm not even going to go into that, though. But what I will go into is that, when they find the eggs in Spike's crypt, Riley just stands there and TALKS about how Spike didn't freeze them. He tells Buffy to get out, that they have to contain the area--blah blah.  All the while, he has a machine gun in his hand.  Fucking shoot the eggs, you doof.  But, no.  He waits until they hatch.  Then he gives the gun to Buffy.  WTF are you thinking? 

Meh.  This episode sucks.   

This has been a post.  Let the yelling over my dislike of C/A and AtS s3 ensue! 


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