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 This is going to be my third time to try and post this (I saved it in Word first this time. Yay). So, let’s hope that the third time is the charm.

Way back in November, [ profile] penny_lane_42 made a list of her fiction kinks and squicks. I believe she had gotten the idea from [ profile] snickfic (whose list is here). And it's been really slow at my job (and on LJ) this week, so I decided to make a list like that for myself. Several items on my list were either inspired by or stolen from my lovely predecessors.

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 So, inspired by [ profile] ghostyouknow27 's recent post, I started thinking about why I think fic is important.  

Confession: I’m a recovering snob. Music. Movies. Grammar—jeez, grammar. I had to enroll in a 12-step program to recover from my grammar snobbery. But most of all, I am—at my core—a literary snob. I don’t know when it started. Middle school maybe? But for years and years I’ve scoffed at genre fiction, at best sellers, at Oprah’s Book Club labels*. And where I knew it existed, I scoffed at fan fiction. So, I’m here to genuflect before you all. Throw fruit at me—I can take it. I want to be punished for my past snobbery. Because you know that saying I refer to in the title of this post—that a willing convert is more Catholic than the pope? Well. That’s me with fan fiction.

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Everybody go do this! It's a fic-a-thon hosted by the lovely and talented [ profile] eilowyn to send a little love in Dawn's direction.

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Okay, you guys.  Here we go!  Recommendation day is here at last!  My main way of participating in fandom has been to consume the amazing work created by others more talented than myself.  So, I'm really excited to have an excuse to talk about some of my  favorite works and maybe introduce some of y'all to one or two new fics or vids.

But there's a lot here.  Especially in the vid section, as you can see.  So, you might want to stretch and get some water--I don't want anyone pulling a muscle or getting dehydrated trying to marathon all the awesome that's about to come flying at your head.  

FYI--This post is going be my html masterpiece if even half of the embeds and links work.  It took me all day.

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