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So, after having been shockingly on schedule with this meme for 8 days, I missed yesterday.  But I have a good excuse!  I. Signed up. For Seasonal Spuffy.  That's right.  And I spent the better part of last night attempting to write something!  I think it probably sucks!  But still.  I have plenty of time to try and make it not suck. 

Anyhoo! Have a surprisingly long stream-of-consciousness essay on my favorite villain(s)!

They wrapped evil around them like a large, evil Mexican serape )
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So, I don't know if anyone noticed--if you did, you are magnanimous in nature for not correcting me-- I posted two "Day 3's."  I'm not surprised that I had a counting!fail.  But, really, I thought I would've broken ten with no mistakes.  Alas.

But, I'm all set straight and cardinally numbered.  And rarin' to do Day 5.   Which! Is super apropos for [ profile] gabrielleabelle 's Why So Icy? poll!  

My favorite season?  Easy.  

I will cut a bitch... (Get it? LJ cut? Heh. I suck.) )
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I’m re-watching BtVS right now.  And I haven’t gotten to season 6 yet (so my feelings about what’s written here may be subject to change), but I’ve been listening to Rilo Kiley, and it sort of inspired me to write down these thoughts--which are really apropos of nothing.

Let me start out by saying that maybe the best description of depression that I’ve ever come across is the song “Better Son/Daughter” by the aforementioned band, Rilo Kiley.

Part of what makes this song such a perfect description/illustration of depression is how it includes what I like to call the Guilt/Optimism ouroboros.


Fun depression talk ahoy! )


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