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So, lately I maybe have been rewatching Veronica Mars for, like, the 4th time. And, as is now my way when my obsessiveness reaches a certain fever pitch, I’ve gone looking for good VMars fic. And I have to say a few things.

First, I’ve been so spoiled by this little corner of fandom. Really and truly. Spoiled rotten. We’re so organized. There are so many archives! And awards! And people with kick ass indexed journals! And to some extent I guess all that’s to be expected. VMars ran for a much shorter time, had a much smaller following, and it’s not fantasy/sci-fi, so I think that it probably attracts fewer hardcore fans. And the result is that there’s much, much less to choose from fanfic-wise than in Buffy fandom. So, of course there’s less good-quality writing out there. And… I get that. I do. But, what I find a little troubling is the proportion of fics that make Logan into a big ol’ woobie while painting Veronica as a soul-sucking bitch. Because I just cannot read such juvenilely developed characters as that. I can’t do it.

Um.  Spoilers through the end of the series under the cut. 

Cut because I just can't shut up )


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